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Goddesses of body and soul


It takes a very careful technique and a clean look to discover the mystery of these women and I think that Pere Colom achieves it, transformed by his art into goddesses.
Carme Riera
Writer and member of the Real Academia Española

With this book, we all explain to the world what it means to be majorcan woman, what it means to be each of us, and we explain it ourselves, with the most powerful voice of all what we are. No more and no less.
Roser Amills

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Majorca and her Goddesses

In painting and sculpture, from the Renaissance until the twenty one century, Venus (or Aphrodite), the Goddess of love and beauty, has been utilised as one of the generic figures who most represent the ideal of feminine beauty.

Since the beginning of the twentieth century, perhaps, these Goddesses have been replaced by actresses, models and glossy magazine celebrities.

Despite all this, there are Goddesses who are much closer at hand and generally pass by unnoticed: the waitress, the teacher, the supermarket check-out girl, the law student, the nurse, the craftswoman etc.

This book aims to pay homage to these Goddesses: women who are strong, independent, sure of themselves, proud of their bodies and of the role they play in today’s society.

Pere Colom


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